How to Register a Cyber Harassment Complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency?

Cyber Harassment encompasses activities commissioned via computer, digital devices and networks used in the cyber realm, and is facilitated through the medium of internet.

Kindly note that the complaints pertaining to harassment and bullying via telecommunication devices or telephones must be reported to the police directly at 15.

How can we report any Incident which falls under Cyber Harassment to FIA ?

You can visit the FIA website ( and register your complaint by filling the online form.

 You can email the complaint on

You can send a written application with your complete credentials (Name, Address, CNIC, and Contact No.) and details of your complaint to the relevant Cybercrime Center. In your district. Click here for contact details of relevant cybercrime wings.

What are the key essentials to-be mentioned in the complaint?

The application must include your name, address, CNIC and contact no.

It should include details of the incident; every minute detail should be highlighted.

The facts listed in the application should be supported with evidence (screenshots, relevant communication details etc.)

It should address the Deputy Director Investigations. Federal Investigations Agency, Cybercrime.

How much time it will take to process or register my complaint?

 If you physically submit your complaint then it will be processed on the spot in your relevant circle and complaint number will be provided to you.

If you submit an online complaint, then your concerned circle will process your complaint in one week.

If you submit a complaint through email then this will be registered in 8-10 days by your relevant cybercrime circle.

Can we submit complaint through helpline on phone call?

No, complaints cannot be submitted through the helpline. You can only take guidelines about your cyber harassment complaint and its further processing.

How much time is required to take action on my complaint?

After complaint registration,. Verification will be carried out in 14 days while an investigation officer has 90 days to finalize your complaint. So as per rules action on your complaint will be taken during these 90 days of enquiry.

How much time is required to block the Fake Facebook ID?

You can immediately block the relevant ID from your personal Facebook account. However, depending upon the severity of the crime a complaint can also be lodged with FIA. The FIA usually sends a request to the facebook authority against the fake ID within one week timeframe, the final decision lies with Facebook. The same procedure can be followed for Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.

How to recover a hacked WhatsApp account?

Kindly reinstall whatsapp application in your mobile and try to activate your whatsapp account 4 to 5 times until it gets banned. After that send your complaint at along with following credentials.

Your name

Attach CNIC pic from front side

Contact number

After 72 hours, reinstall whatsapp application on your mobile and try to activate the whatsapp account. If the problem persists, repeat the process.